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Repair/ Installation

Imperial Carpet Care warrants your carpet installation for as long as you
live in your home. Reviewing the following tips prior to your carpet installation will assure that it is as trouble free as possible. If you have any other questions about installation or repairs, e-mail or call us.


Door Clearances

Check the sweep clearance on the bottom of doors in the area to be carpeted. If the thickness of your new carpet requires that doors be trimmed, you will have to make those arrangements in advance. We are not able to provide this service.

Furniture Moving

Please make arrangements prior to the arrival of our installers to have furniture cleared in rooms where carpet is to be installed/removed.

Big screen TVs, computers, satellite hook-ups, etc., must all be disconnected and moved. Also, we cannot be responsible for moving antiques or grandfather clocks. Those items will have to be moved by others.

If you have a large piece of furniture such as a sofa, piano, heavy table, etc., our installers can help move those. We can also help move a china cabinet if it has been emptied of all items.

Bedrooms to be carpeted should be completely emptied. This includes closets which should be cleared of all shoes and clothing if they are to be carpeted.

Carpet Removal

Existing carpet and pad will need to be removed before your new carpet can be installed.

If you want us to remove the existing carpet and pad from your home, we will include the charge for take-up in your quote after measuring your home. This will include our hauling it away.

If you prefer to removed the carpet and pad yourself, please make arrangements to have it disposed of by others.

Paint and Wallpaper

Painting and wallpaper should be done at least a week or two before your new carpet is installed. This will give the paint and wallpaper glue a chance to dry completely.

The backing on carpeting is course and can scuff walls. Keep some extra paint handy in case the walls need minor touch-up following installation.

Seams in Carpet

Most wall-to-wall carpet installation requires seaming. The width of carpeting will affect this. When we measure your home, we can show you where the seams will be.

Cleaning Services

Move In I Move out Cleaning

When you are moving out of a home, moving into a new one or are responsible for having it cleaned we can clean the house to perfection so you don't have to.

Rental Properties

Property managers rely on Imperial Carpet Care for complete restoration services. We save them money by eliminating premature carpet replacements due to excessive soiling, stains and pet contamination. When your tenants move out we provide the cleaning service for you so the new tenants have a clean apartment upon arrival.

Carpet - Upholstery & Air Duct Cleaning

We use a truck mounted system that can also he removed from the van and taken indoors for security reasons.

Retail Stores

Your store will be cleaned, as you would want it so you can welcome you customers the next day with confidence.

Offices & Factories

We offer a variety of cleaning services for all sizes of offices & factories, large or small, making sure your facility is clean when you return. We offer daily, weekly or monthly or one time service.

Medical Facilities

We follow OSHA regulations for everyone's protection and safety.

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